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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

An Introduction

I am a PhD student in the University of Cambridge. I am now starting my second year, and I would like to share all kinds of stuff related with my research work. This was the reason why I've decided to create this blog: to be sort of a logbook of my research.

The objective of my PhD thesis is the design of a GMPLS system for provisioning optical core and access networks for Multicast TV, and so this weblog will be dedicated to topics related - although not exclusively. As perceived by the blog title, I consider all of this "IPTV research" generically. I am pretty sure these topics will eventually be addressed:

1) Multicast
2) Traffic Engineering (TE)
3) Optical Networks
4) Routing
5) Quality of Service
7) ...

and mixes of all the above (something like "Multicast TE Routing in Optical Networks to provide IPTV with nice QoS" would be a cool topic :)). And more generic topics related to telecommunications, Internet, protocols, next generation networks, etc., etc., will probably appear too.

I will try to bring news, scientific papers (old and new), ideas, results, etc. I will also welcome comments from all of my readers, either directly posted into the site or to my e-mail: fvramos at gmail dot com.


Rui said...

The Big topic on IPTV is "What is IPTV?"

IPTV importance is growing up but at the contrary to other TV broadcast solutions ( DVB-H, DVB-S)there is no standard yet.

Is IPTV video streamming only? I believe not.

At this stage IPTV is a bundled of services and features some of them not direct connect to streaming.

- Games
- Voip
- ...

The main issue now is that IPTV took to long to reach the end user house. And is now hard recover the confidence of end users.

Rui David Freitas

fvramos said...

Several commercial live broadcast TV and video-on-demand services are being offered around the world. Examples of these so-called IPTV services

- Now Broadband TV, PCCW's IPTV service, in Hong Kong;
- MaLigne TV, from France Telecom, in Lyon;
- Imagenio, from Telefonica, in Spain;
- AT&T's U-verse, in Texas.

They have reached the end user, and it seems they are willing to go for IPTV. A nice example is Telefonica's Imagenio. They have started in 2005 and already have 450 thousand clients...

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