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Thursday, 13 December 2007

IPTV subscribers worldwide forecast to reach 38.4m by 2012

A new report that there will be a huge growth in the number of IPTV subscribers worldwide by 2012, increasing seven-fold from the end-2006 figure to reach 38.2 million. Revenues for service providers will possibly rise ten-fold.

These is only a prediction, and one can believe on it or not, but the fact is that service providers today seem to believe that IPTV will be the next killer application. A paper written last month, in IEEE Communications Magazine, was thus properly entitled "Internet Protocol Television (IPTV): The Killer Application for the Next-Generation Internet". Although this paper is not very well written and makes some confusing and sometimes even erroneous remarks (like confusing DSL filters cutoff frequency... twice!) - which is strange in one such a high level magazine - it is nevertheless worth reading.

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