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Friday, 24 October 2008

University researchers developing cancer-fighting beer

Genetic engineering could give Joe Six Pack anti-aging and cancer-fighting benefits

October 21, 2008 (Computerworld) Have you ever picked up a cold, frosty beer on a hot summer's day and thought that it simply couldn't get any better?

Well, you may have to think again.

A team of researchers at Rice University in Houston is working to create a beer that could fight cancer and heart disease. Taylor Stevenson, a member of the six-student research team and a junior at Rice, said the team is using genetic engineering to create a beer that includes resveratrol, the disease-fighting chemical that's been found in red wine.

In Computer World

Comment: Now this is clearly a good example of great research: you mix the finest ingredients, red wine and beer, and you get something approximate to the elixir of life. (Not that we needed another excuse to drink it… J)

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